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Green media booms with buyouts…

837270_dollar_sign_cow_.jpgThere’s a lot of clean and green media madness going on at the moment, with a frenzy of buyouts occurring.

Cleantechblog points out that:

The Cleantech Group yesterday acquired “Inside Greentech, an emerging media outlet for the green sector, for an undisclosed amount.”

A few weeks ago, was acquired by Discovery Channel for $10m, it is thought. [Check out the story here]

And “Lightspeed Ventures and Northpoint Private Equity recently backed the launch of Greentech Media, including the acquisition of the cleantech focused Venture Power Newsletter – popular in the venture capital sector.”

Well spotted – and well done to those boys and girls.

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  • Yuki
    Posted December 12, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    This year, people spent $600bn on consumer electronics products (source: GfK). Next year, they will spend more. Imagine how much energy was expended making all of those plasma screen TVs, Xboxes, Playstations, Blu-Ray players, MP3 players and other crap we really don’t need. Then consider how much energy was expended shipping all of said crap to Europe and America. Then consider how much energy will be spent running these electronics devices. Then consider how much energy will be expended when we ship the dead, obsolete products back to China and India so they can stick them in their landfills. Let’s not even talk about heavy metals and landfills and aquifers. And this guy…the scary looking guy in the photo, has the audacity to come up with some unvalidated crap about “video-on-demand alone save more than 1 billion gallons of fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than thirteen million tons annually” (source, please?). This is green-wash at its most evil.
    And that nonsense about we all have children ergo we all love the planet…what a non-sequitur that is. If that were true, no one would do any wrong and the world would be a wonderful place. Sadly, it isn’t. But I’ll bet you anything: Gary Shapiro doesn’t lose one minutes sleep over it.

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