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Green jobs attract graduates

660438_graduated.jpgThis makes sense to Greenbang.

He wanted a green job when he left university, but got that startled-bunny syndrome and took the first one that came along.

Anyway – it appears he’s not alone. Students and young folk are seeking green roles because it makes them feel better about working for someone else…

This from GreenBiz News:

College graduates are looking for more than just a first job or an internship. They are looking to work for businesses that help the environment, according to a survey conducted by MonsterTRAK.

Results from the survey show that a surprising percentage of young workers want employment with a green company: 80 percent of those surveyed said they are interested in a job that has a positive impact on the environment and a whopping 92 percent would chose working for an environmentally friendly company.

Other research shows employees working at companies with clear corporate responsibility (CSR) programs, including environmental and social programs, are most satisfied.

Employees at these companies also stay at their jobs longer and are more content with senior management then their peers at companies with lackluster CSR programs according to a recent survey by Kenexa Research Institute (KRI).

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