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Green houses in UK just a brick away…

house.jpgOne day when the world is a friendlier place, Droogs are taken off our streets once and for all, and Clockwork Orange references are seen as an example of good blogging rather than a passé reference to an aging film, we will all live in eco-friendly houses.

In the morning, when you wake up, after the house brushes your teeth and dresses you like a Wallace and Gromit machine, it will tell you how, over the last 24 hours, it has been saving the world one solar panel at a time.

To get ready for this day the UK Government has a 2016 zero carbon commitment to housebuilding. Which is lovely.

And now, to facilitate the target being reached the Callcutt Review of house building has recommended government and the housebuilding, construction products and energy supply industries should jointly commission a delivery unit to monitor, co-ordinate and guide the zero carbon programme.

Greenbang finds this all very positive.

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