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Green energy for Olympics

12695907_266608.jpgCHINA WATCH Beijing has promised to create a green Olympic Games next year.

Work has begun on the first of 33 wind generators that will eventually supply clean energy to Beijing and next year’s Olympic Games, according to ChinaDaily.

The wind farm will sit on the outskirts of Beijing at Guanting. They are expected to help reduce the capital city’s reliance on emissions-heavy coal-fired power generators.

The wind-power stations will produce an estimated 100 million kwh of electricity a year, enough to meet the demands of 100,000 Beijing families.

The project will cost an estimated 580 million yuan ($76.7 million). Electricity generated by wind turbines will cost about 0.7 yuan per kwh, 0.3 yuan more than electricity from a coal-fired plant.

The government is considering a package of subsidies to encourage people to use wind power.

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