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Green consumables: Don’t believe the hype?


What? Father Christmas doesn’t exist?! Greenbang suggests you go and wash your mouth out with soap and water for telling lies like that.

And Santa-deniers are not the only one in for a good gob scrub: a study has found that 99 percent of ‘green’ claims made on consumer products are, in fact, a load of old cobblers to some extent.

Apparently, according to, there are six sins of greenwashing:

“The biggest sin committed – 57% of all environmental claims – was the hidden trade-off such as “energy-efficient” electronics that contain hazardous materials and paper products that promote their recycled content while ignoring their polluting manufacturing processes.
Next, 26% of claims committed the sin of no proof; for example, shampoos that claim to be organic but have no verifiable certification.”

But, the report reveals, a microscopic one percent of products were branded with out and out lies. Presumably they said Santa didn’t exist or something.

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