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Green car tech hits the Oscars’ red carpet

film1.jpgGreenbang really hates the Oscars. Hates them. Hates them more drinking a cup of pureed liver topped with cold sick. The back slapping, the endless news reports on who’s wearing what frock, the self-conscious worthiness of it all. Greenbang really hates the Oscars.

Still, she’ll be hating them a little less at the moment, as apparently all the great and good of Tinseltown will be arriving at the ceremony using fuel cell or biofuel vehicles from GMC and Chevrolet, for a “no gas, no emissions” entrance on the red carpet.

Greenbang supposes walking would be out of the question?

Here’s more from GM to be getting on with.

This fuel-friendly fleet — larger than any other assembled for a major awards show before — will enable Hollywood’s hottest talent to enjoy stylish and environmentally friendly rides in one of more than 75 vehicles, including the GMC Yukon Hybrid, the zero-gas and zero-emissions Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell and the FlexFuel E85 ethanol-compatible GMC Yukon.

Green car tech hits the Oscars’ red carpet – The Global View

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