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Green car campaign in China

32306_19960313.jpgCHINA WATCH

Take a look at what local and multinational carmakers are doing in China.

Chery, a local carmaker is working with China’s oil giant to develop clean alternative energy vehicles, reported by Xinhua News (in Chinese).

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) will provide Chery oil products to support its research project to develop green cars, and Chery will help promote Sinopec brand oil at its service stations around China.

And US carmaker General Motors has announced it will throw big money at building its research lab in Shanghai to develop cars powered by alternative fuels, according to Chinadaily.

The GM Center for Advanced Science &Research, to be part of a new US$250million GM campus in Shanghai, will look into developing alternative-fuel cars, including plug-in hybrids, bio-fuel and fuel-cell vehicles, Rick Wagoner, the group’s chief executive officer, said at a press conference in Beijing.

Question is – how green are these green cars really? How much recycled material do they use and what are they designed for in their second life after recycling? Greenbang bets the answers are not very nice….

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