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Greasy fuel now ready for its weed-whacking public

fat.jpgI bet when Greenbang brought you the story of fuel made from animal and non-animal fats, complete with an artist’s impression of that fat – reprinted here for your benefit – your first thought was probably, “how do I get me some of that good stuff?” Well, as always, Greenbang is here to help.

Green Earth Technologies, another company on the fat-fuel track, has revealed its products have “equaled or surpassed the standards for similar petroleum-based oils as set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API) TC compliance test for all 2-cycle engines other than outboard”. A bit gutting, Greenbang would guess, for small motor boat owners, but good news for anyone using “weed whackers, lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers, chain saws, dirt bikes “, all of which house the two-cycle engines that can take the fuel, known as G-OIL.

So next time the American public is out whacking weeds or driving a dirt bike, possibly even both at the same time if they’re particularly talented, there’s now a lower carbon option.

Green Earth Technologies explains it like that:

When burned, traditional, petrochemical based 2-cycle engine oils produce 50 times the CO2 of 4-cycle engines. Green Earth’s groundbreaking product replaces the traditional petrochemical base of 2-cycle engine oil with base oils derived from renewable American-grown animal fats. The result is an engine oil that does not burn when mixed with gasoline in an engine, eliminating the smoke from oil, and therefore reducing up to 48 percent of the carbon monoxide, 32 percent of the hydrocarbons, and 80 percent nitrous oxide produced by petroleum-based 2-cycle engine oils.

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