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Government launches Renewable Fuel Agency

2007-11_153712_g_n_250_ruth-kelly_0002.jpgTransport Secretary Ruth Kelly has a new haircut.

She’s also got a new agency to look after. This one is the Renewable Fuels Agency, which will be responsible for the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation that comes into force next April.

By 2010, the Obligation will mean that 5% of all the fuels sold in the UK should come from biofuels, which could save 2.6m to 3m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Kelly said:

“The creation of the Renewable Fuels Agency marks a big step forward in creating a strong long-term market for biofuels in the UK. I want the Agency to make sure the Obligation is run efficiently and effectively, but I also want it to take the lead in making sure the biofuels we use in this country come from sustainable sources, saving the most carbon possible.”

The Chairman of the Agency will be Professor Ed Gallagher, former Chief Executive of the Environment Agency. Joining him on the Board of the Agency are:

* Greg Archer, Director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership,
* Paul Jefferiss, Director of Environmental Policy at BP,
* Gareth Llewellyn, Director for Safety, Health, Environment and Corporate Responsibility for the National Grid
* Brian White, Director of a biofuel trading company, BionerG Ltd.

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