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Gordon Brown/Big Ben to turn green, and all with them…

bigbenGordon Brown, texture like sun, is going all green. Well the houses of Parliament are, according to The Guardian.

A plan to slash the carbon footprint of the UK Government’s home by almost a third, using all sort of green technology, is going to cost around £20m – but the plans are impressive.

Wind turbines, tidal power and an underground borehole are being considered by Palace of Westminster officials.

The aim is apparently to completely power parliament from these techniques and make it friendly and green – a much less hypocritical venue from which to enforce green policies on the rest of the country. Which is ace, frankly.

A borehole, dug 120m into London’s chalk aquifer, is planned to provide pure drinking water and another, drilled into Black Rod’s garden, would cool the air in the debating chambers instead of electricity hungry airconditioning units. There are also plans to spend millions fitting double glazing to draughty windows and installing minature power stations in the cellars which will take the palace partly “off-grid”. According to the plans, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the project will cost at least £20m

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  • zupakomputer
    Posted November 15, 2007 at 6:30 pm

    Fast, comfortable, efficient trains would be marvellous. Imagine if we actually managed to pick up from where Britain went horribly wrong in regard to destroying it’s railway infrastructure (both freight and passenger) – remember The Orient Express? Yes, it actually went across Europe to far away Asia, into Africa even.

    Just don’t forget the pedestrian and animal crossings. Like those animal bridges they’ve actually managed to put over some European motorways, that are all planted over and everything so the forests are still joined up.

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