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Google eyeing Ormat geothermal union?

geothermal1.jpgIs Google about to get cosy with Israeli geothermal company Ormat? As Loyd Grosman would have said during his Through The Keyhole stint, “let’s examine thur evidence”.

Venture Beat notes Google co-founder Sergei Brin said in an interview with Israeli paper The Marker last week that Ormat is a great company and could turn geothermal energy into big business.

While Brin wouldn’t spill the beans on whether any Israeli clean tech companies were on Google’s shopping list, he did say the conditions were good for Google acquisitions in general, and said there are a lot of interesting companies working in the field of renewable energy.

Israeli paper Haaretz says senior Google executives met with their counterparts from Ormat at two alternative energy conferences recently, while Google co founder Larry Page has visited an Ormat geothermal plant Nevada. has been investing in green tech at a rate of knots in recent times. Example: the $10 million it put into solar company Brightsource earlier this month.