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GM to get ‘world’s largest’ roof top solar array

CadillacThe American car industry hasn’t always been known for its green credentials.  According to the IHT General Motors, the owners of Vauxhall, Hummer, Saab and Cadillac is to get the world’s largest rooftop solar array.  The 2 million square foot, 12 megawatt array will be on its Zaragoza assembly plant in Spain and is anticipated for completion this autumn.

Putting this into context, the US’s largest proposed site in Atlantic City is expected to generate just 2.36 megawatts.

More from the IHT:

Spain has become a center of solar installations because it offers generous subsidies, 0.42 euro a kilowatt-hour (66 cents). That is about five times the average cost of a kilowatt hour to residential customers in the United States. The Spanish government is considering a reduction in the subsidy for installations after September.

Southern California Edison announced in March that it would install 250 megawatts of rooftop solar arrays, spread over 100 or more roofs.

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