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GM chief calls for pan-European CO2 policies

General Motors European President, Carl-Peter Forster, has called for clear Europe-wide environmental laws on carbon emissions.

Forster called for action on a reasonable, results-based, pan-European CO2 policy and said:

“GM Europe is committed to working constructively with policy makers to support EU strategies that will quickly reduce the impact of CO2 emissions for cars.”

He also hopes CO2 policies will stimulate the car market.

“For any policy to be successful, it must enable the design and manufacture of cars that are both desirable and affordable. If the CO2 policy slows or even kills demand for new vehicles, the policy actions will have failed completely by leaving the older, higher-polluting cars on the road. “

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  • engineer
    Posted October 2, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    Maybe the GM chief should hop over from Paris and have a chat to the British Company who can do it…
    You don’t need to hide behind the legislation argument, just make sure your passport is in date.
    If not just jump on a lorry at calais with all the rest!!!!

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