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Glowworms shed light on energy efficiency


Greenbang also had the opportunity to visit Australia recently. A great trip – thanks for asking.

Aside from sending a few postcards and working on her tan, Greenbang also got a chance to hear some interesting information. Are you sitting comfortably? Then Iet’s begin.

On a trip to see glowworms, Greenbang’s tour guide explained that glowworms energy efficiency is second to none – over 90 percent efficient, in fact – putting the traditional light bulb in the shade, so to speak.

Aside from busting out the glowworm facts, the tour guide said apparently two major camera manufacturers are already working on light technologies that aim to borrow tricks from the glowworm for better efficiency.

Greenbang has her fingers crossed it’s not long til we have glowworm tech on the shelves.