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Global warming: real heat coming after 2009

droughtIf you thought the last few summers have been warm, the climate boffins reckon you ain’t seen nothing yet. A new model created by the British Met Office forecasts that several of the years after 2009 will be hotter than the sweatiest year on record so far, 1998 (see the Beeb’s story here). So pack your sunscreen and a fan.

The only hope that Greenbang has comes from his experience of the BBC’s 5-day weather forecast, which seems to constantly lead us astray–and if that’s so hard to get right, surely a 5-year forecast is even less likely to be on the money. (In fact, one clever chap has even calculated that it’s only right about 53% of the time, making it only marginally more accurate than a coin flip. Nice.)

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