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Global steel industry collaborates on climate data

steelThe world’s steel industry will work together to collect pollution data, according to the International Iron and Steel Institute.

According to its press release, this involves: the collection and reporting of carbon dioxide emissions data by steel plants in all the major steel producing countries. Establishment of the data on a common and consistent basis is the starting point for the setting of commitments post-2012 on a national or regional basis.

And clearly it needs to do something. Tucked away in its release is this: “The steel industry now accounts for only 3-4% of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.” –I’m sorry, but “only” 3-4% of all man-made emissions? That’s astonishing.

And it’s not about to change, as this para indicates:

“In the near term the steel industry’s main contribution will be in the wider application of current best practice and technology”, he continued.” For the longer-term the steel industry is investing in research on the development of breakthrough new steelmaking technologies. This is all in the context of the essential contribution that steel, the most recycled modern material, now makes in sustainable housing and construction, clean energy and transportation”.

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