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Get yourself down to Green Card

earth.jpgIf you say Green Card to Greenbang, you’d expect her to do a little bit of sick in her mouth at memories of Andi “because you’re worth it” McDowell and Gerard Depardieu’s sick making movie antics. But no, for Greenbang has a much better Green Card to talk about it.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then Greenbang will begin. Green Card is a natty conference taking place in Birmingham’s NEC on the 21st of May, with case studies from the private and public sector on how to “ensure a greener future” and there’ll be speakers from the likes of Centrica, Barclays Capital, Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency.

For the full skinny go here.

There’s also the Greenlight Environmental awards up for grabs, courtesy of Kyocera, for programmes that “recognise individuals and organisations that have been instrumental in identifying and meeting an environmental challenge associated with their business, and/or promoting public awareness, understanding and active concern for the enhancement and protection of the environment.”

Sounds like you? Get entering then. There are four categories up for grabs:

  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector under 50 employees
  • Private Sector over 50 employees
  • IT or Office Products channel

The dealine’s been extended to 25 April so send them the goods sharpish – just tell them in 500 words the details of the project, its aims and its achievements. More info over at

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