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A new service launched by Computacenter is aimed at helping companies cut emissions and bills.

Businesses and government organisations will be able to develop more effective environmental policies for the acquisition, operation, re-use and disposal of IT equipment by using a new “Green IT Advisory Service” launched today by IT Services firm, Computacenter.

Responding to increasing electricity costs and social and political pressures to improve the corporate environmental footprint, the service will introduce significant cost savings whilst reducing carbon emissions and landfill usage. It will be based on a series of practical steps, starting with an energy efficiency audit of a company’s current IT environment.

The service will also make organisations instantly aware of the environmental lifecycle implications of a typical desktop. Computacenter will offer services from its IT re-marketing and disposal subsidiary company RDC, to encourage companies to refurbish IT equipment to better reap the financial and environmental advantages of an IT refresh.

The service includes “greener IT” reporting, benefits from re-marketing and recycling, energy consumption data for new products, configuration services to achieve minimum energy consumption and recommendations on a variety of other relevant actions.

The carbon footprint for the lifecycle of a typical PC has been calculated and both Computacenter and RDC have committed to off-set the carbon emissions generated by their operations for any PC purchased through the Green IT Advisory Service.

Computacenter has also partnered with courier Business Direct to provide the first ever “carbon neutral” delivery service to customer sites, via delivery vehicles using biodiesel.

Computacenter recognises the importance of educating employees to ‘think Green’ and has developed poster campaigns, “switch off” stickers and recommendations for feedback relating to electricity use reduction, all aimed at encouraging employee participation.

Research released by Fujitsu Siemens Corporation and Computacenter reveals that switching a PC off overnight and at weekends can save up to £53 in electricity cost annually per PC. In addition, a typical desktop PC left on for 24 hours a day, 220 days per year is responsible for up to a tonne of CO2 over a typical 3-year lifecycle.

BAA is one organisation already considering Green issues when selecting IT. Kevin Mercer, Services and Support Manager from BAA Ltd. comments: “BAA Ltd. believes that environmental sustainability criteria need to be considered when selecting products, including the lifecycle environmental impact of PCs. BAA Ltd. welcomes Computacenter’s initiative in leading the way towards Greener IT Estates and looks forward to partnering with Computacenter to continue implementing these initiatives within BAA Ltd.”

IDC analyst, Leigh Worthing said: “In the wake of recent European Legislation, including the WEEE directive, and a shift in mainstream corporate attitudes towards environmental sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions in particular, it is IDC’s belief that organisations need to consider the lifecycle environmental impacts of their IT investments. To this end, IDC welcomes initiatives such as Computacenter’s Green IT Advisory Service.”

Heidi-Lynn Mitchell, Product Services Director for Computacenter’s hardware division, stated, “We are breaking new ground with this service. Nobody else is helping corporate IT users tackle this crucial issue in the same way. Organisations are increasingly focused on their environmental profile and are beginning to recognise the reputation and cost advantages of a ‘green’ approach to their business operations. With the introduction of the Green IT Roadmap, Computacenter intends to keep its customers ahead of competitors and aware of developments in the global challenge posed by climate change.”

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