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General Motors gives the gossip on wall-powered cars


OK, OK, Greenbang takes it back a little, there was a bit of interesting news at CES, from General Motors, with CEO Rick Wagoner doing a bit of green flag waving and telling the good people of Las Vegas by 2010 half of all models will run on ethanol, says Wired. From that article:

Then there’s the E-Flex line, which will be able to derive power from a standard wall socket for a 40-mile range. For longer distances, the cars will include a motor fueled by ethanol, gas, diesel, or a hydrogen cell, which will charge their batteries. With the motor engaged, Wagoner said, the cars will get something on the order of 150 miles per gallon.

For his finale, Wagoner announced the world premiere of the Cadillac Provoq, the first luxury model in the E-Flex line. He said it gets 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen, stored below the floorboard of the car, while a Lithium-Ion battery (with plugs on both sides of the car) stores electricity and engages for peak power situations.

Wired’s reporter goes on to say he checked out one of GM’s models and stuck his face up close to the exhaust pipe but could “detect only water vapor”. Nice.

General Motors gives the gossip on wall-powered cars – The Global View

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