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GE develops ‘eco-dashboards’ for homes

geGE is creating a home dashboard to help people manage their power and water consumption. Sadly, it’s only for the US right now, and only for December–meaning some lucky folks are in for a nice Christmas surprise.

The panel is designed to show ratepayers how much money they would save if, for example, they pre-cooled or pre-heated their homes before electricity prices went up during periods of peak load, typically in the early evening. They also could set the panel to turn up the air conditioning, or run the clothes drier only when the power price gets below a certain level.

“This allows homeowners to make decisions on whether they would like to change their behavior to be more green,” said de Bedout. “It gives them a tool set.”

It sounds like a fancy version of the various smart meters Greenbang’s seen popping up all over the place, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want one…

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