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G8 demands 20 carbon capture tests

chimney2.jpgWaiting for the G8 to get on with some sort of environmental action planning is a bit like waiting for a delayed Northern Line train – you know it will happen eventually, it’s a long, uncomfortable journey for everyone but still, the only way to get through it is teeth-gritted stoicism and a resigned hope that things might improve one day.

Ladies and gentlemen: I bring you further evidence. According to those nice people over at the AFP, the G8 countries have decided to back a series of pilot carbon capture projects “broadly deploy” the technology by 2020.

Greenbang would also like to give props to the AFP folk for calling it “carbon burying”. Let’s forget all this greenwash nonsense and just call it what it is – taking carbon and sticking it underground for a bit.

According to AFP, all the G8 energy ministers released a statement which read: “We strongly support the recommendation that 20 large-scale CCS demonstration projects need to be launched globally by 2010 … with a view to supporting technology development and cost reduction for the beginning of broad deployment of CCS by 2020.”

The cost? A mere $1.5 billion per demonstration project. Ouch.

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