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Fujitsu unwraps ‘zero watt’ monitor

So you’ve got your low emissions PC from Fujitsu. Looks a bit bare on its own doesn’t it? So what about a nice greener-than-green monitor to go with it, hmmmm?

Yes, those cunning folks over at Fujitsu have dreamt up a so-called zero watt monitor. What does that mean, Greenbang hears you cry? Well, the monitor is apparently a bit of a smart arse and needs no electricity in stand-by mode.

Here’s how it works, according to Fujitsu Siemens:

The innovation is based on a new switch in the monitor that shuts it down entirely when the computer signal is absent and turns it on again when the signal reappears. With this switch, the display saves several euros per year in power costs.

The company has already announced a 20-inch and 22-inch model sporting the zero watt tech, and there’s a 24 and 26-incher coming next month.

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