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Fuel efficiency kills off Hummer?

hummer.jpgRappers, assorted celebs with more money than sense and hen parties in central London may well be forced to shed their favourite means of transport soon: it seems the Hummer could be going the way of the dodo (Greenbang is crossing every available appendage for good luck.)

According to the Wall Street Journal, General Motors is putting off redesigning its trucks and SUVs as consumers hanker after more fuel efficient vehicles.

With all the current petrol price worries, rather than push on with dreaming up new rounds of SUVs and pickups, it’ll just extend the life of the existing ranges.

“People briefed on the matter say the auto maker also has discussed killing off at least one future Hummer SUV product, and potentially axing another brand,” says the paper.

If, of course, you’re one of those people that can’t live without a Chelsea tractor, then there are still options out there to stop you getting your tyres slashed by the SUV haters. Ford’s Escape Hybrid, for example, is a hybrid that does 34 mpg. It even comes in green.

Hmm – wonder when we’ll first see the first green tractor?

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