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Fuel cells for mobiles developed


Fuel cells eh? Where will they turn up next?

That’s a rhetorical question of course. But if it were literal, the answer would be mobile phones, after Angstrom Power has developed a fuel cell that can work in Motorola mobiles without any need to tinker with the phone itself.

Angstrom has announced a global first with the completion of a six-month test of fully integrated fuel cell-powered mobile devices. This revolutionary power platform was successfully integrated into MOTOSLVR™ L7 handsets for the trial, with no modification to the outside dimensions of the devices. The trial devices did not rely on the use of any battery – instead, they drew power from Angstrom’s Micro Hydrogen™ platform, which is comprised of a novel fuel cell architecture, innovative micro-fluidics and a revolutionary refillable hydrogen storage tank. Angstrom has demonstrated research results showing twice the talk-time of the equivalent batterypowered devices in side-by-side testing.

Angstrom is currently collaborating with world-leading battery manufacturers, portable electronic device makers and mobile service providers towards the commercialization of its Micro Hydrogen™ technology.