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FTSE 100 to clean deal with climate change in 2008

ftse.jpgA survery of the FTSE 100 companies has shown that the UK’s leading business are placing more emphasis on dealing with environmental issues, Retail Bulletin reports.

The main resolutions to combat climate change in 2008 were making office buildings more energy efficient (25%), followed by reducing carbon emissions from operations (23%), and incorporating renewable energy sources (13%)

Lack of government support was cited as hindering progress, especially in areas such as incorporating renewable energy sources

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  • matt
    Posted January 11, 2008 at 11:50 am

    i do like the look of stuff like this – but only if it’s backed up by renewable energy supplies. There’s no point saying “ooh look how low the emissions are on my electric bike” if you are just shifting the emissions to a power station a few miles away every time you plug it in…

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