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From banners and boreholes to things you’ve never imagined

bagWelcome to the world of green. As it happens, Greenbang gets a mixed bag of things that are being launched under the banner of the green revolution.

A very mixed bag.

We asked firms to send in some examples of things they’re doing, and here’s a selection of the products, services, ideas and schemes that popped into our inbox over the past week or so–in no particular order:

  • A range of sustainable travel schemes, one of which has apparently boosted the income of one African tribe by 800% (and given them a borehole for water). Another profiles a conservation scheme in the Seychelles, which is only accessible by helicopter.
  • An express washing machine that apparently does a wash in just 14 minutes.
  • Acorn House, an eco-friendly training restaurant in London.
  • A new range of organic cereals being launched, courtesy of Jordans.
  • Shops like Asda are now recycling their advertising banners.
  • We’re told that Spain’s first eco-village is currently under construction.
  • A recycled car tyre pencil case (as pictured above).
  • A campaign promoting home composting–at Manchester’s gay & lesbian festival (“Get down and dirty”, as the t-shirts put it).
  • Car insurance that also offsets all your driving emissions (by paying a small additional fee).
  • Biodegradable milk packaging, hitting your local Waitrose soon.
  • The first-ever all natural male grooming brand. Bulldog. (No dogs injured during the production of this product).
  • The latest in zero-carbon residential homes: a mud-house, in Birmingham (not linked to the African tribe up above). Along with numerous other housing-related schemes.

And, well, we’ll just leave it there. Greenbang is just about speechless.

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