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Folk fail to use eco-light bulbs

496887_funy_light_1.jpgThey’re cheap enough. They save you money. And they save power…

Why wouldn’t you use eco-friendly lightbulbs?

This research says the UK is still a bit divvy about it…

At a time when household bills are rising steeply almost two thirds of UK’s adult consumers are still in the dark about how much money switching to energy saving light bulbs could save them. National climate change campaign Together (, today released research revealing that 30 million people across the UK do not know they could shave £55 off their annual energy bills by replacing their inefficient bulbs.

Statistics compiled by Together suggest there are still around 440 million light bulbs in the UK that could be switched to energy saving ones. Changing these would cut nearly 5 million tonnes of CO2 from the UK’s annual footprint, equivalent to £1.2 billion in energy cost savings or taking nearly two million cars off the road each year.

Penney Poyzer, star of BBC’s No Waste Like Home and ‘green guru’, said: “What possible reason do people have for not changing their light bulbs to energy efficient ones. Not only do they save you money instantly and help the environment but the quality, variety & brightness is better than ever.”

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