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Folding car could ease congestion

folding carIt may have been directed by the man behind Pearl Harbour and had more eBay mentions than eBay’s own website but Transformers The Movie was still really quite spectacular.

It has also inspired an English student studying at Montclair State University, New Jersey.  Well, either the movie or a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  According to the Tech.blorge blog Daniel Bailey has designed an electric car that not only doesn’t emit CO2* it also shrinks to allow for easier parking – reducing congestion and therefore more pollution.

It has been created for a Peugeot competition.  Admittedly the folding car, anticipated to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, is not yet at prototype stage.  Initial pictures on Bailey’s website suggest it will be stunning and sporty if a little odd when parked.

Its working name is the BRB Evolution – lets hope that improves a little.

*If powered by renewable sources

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