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Five steps to a greener fleet

How can you remake a corporate auto fleet to be greener and more cost-effective? The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is offering a five-step guide to help businesses do just that.

“Greening Fleets: A Roadmap to Lower Costs and Cleaner Corporate Fleets” offers a framework that has been developed by EDF in cooperation with the fleet management firm PHH Arval. The guide highlights the efforts of companies that have already greened their fleets, with an average emissions reduction of 14 percent and cost savings of 4 percent.

“For over three years we’ve been helping leading companies identify the most efficient methods for achieving their fleet environmental goals,” said Jason Mathers, a project manager at EDF. “Managing greenhouse gases make good business sense, so we are eager to make this report widely available to companies that are watching the bottom line while working to ‘green’ their operations.”

In addition to offering the “Greening Fleets” (PDF) guide for download online, EDF will also host a conference call on Jan. 14 for fleet managers eager to learn more. So if you’re reading this and your company’s fleet hasn’t gone green yet, you can no longer claim ignorance as an excuse.

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  • Debra
    Posted December 12, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    The most important step is choosing a more fuel efficient car, which is quite high up at step 2. There is a sound argument that without measuring you don’t know how well you’re doing, but without action you don’t have anything to measure. That said, it’s a series of steps in the right direction.

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