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Fat Spaniel gets $18 million for renewable monitoring


And award for the best company name goes to (envelope rustles, a silence descends)…. Fat Spaniel!

Of course, Greenbang’s plaudits probably pales in comparison to the $18 million VCs have flung the way of the renewable energy monitoring and reporting systems company.

Here’s a few more details to keep you going til lunchtime.

The investment round was led by Ignition Partners, with follow-on investment from Element Partners and Chrysalix Energy. Pacific Corporate Group and Applied Ventures, the venture capital arm of Applied Materials, Inc., also participated in the round. […]

With more than 1,000 installations already deployed in 12 countries worldwide, Fat Spaniel will use this round of funding to expand sales and marketing efforts to European and other international markets. The company will also continue to broaden its product offering to support customer and partner needs across the full spectrum of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.