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Farms have a bad year

853035_harvest_freedom_2.jpgYeah, it’s a bit off topic but so what. The UK’s eco system has taken a beating this year.

The spiralling price of wheat,  recent floods and the foot and mouth outbreak have damaged the health of UK agriculture, researchers say.

According to Richard Crane at Deloitte, British meat on the supermarket shelves could become a rarity and swift action is needed to safeguard the industry: “A combination of factors is threatening the survival of the UK livestock industry. The rising price of wheat and soft commodities are compounding the negative impact of foot and mouth on the UK to a much greater extent.”

Many producers are facing almost 100% price rises in feed costs – the largest cost in producing livestock.

Looking ahead production is unlikely to be viable without price rises. The UK is in need of a way forward and the answer can be found in sustainable prices.

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