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Facts on Iceland

blue_lagoon_iceland_2.jpgGreenbang has always wanted to go to Iceland as it’s apparently got some very cool sustainability projects.

So here’s a few random facts about it – because Greenbang wants to pass them on. (These come from the Driving Sustainability Conference, held in Iceland next week.)

  • 72% of Iceland’s total energy consumption is from hydro- and geothermal sources
  • Iceland has no fossil fuels as a natural resource
  • Reykjavik was the site for the world’s first commercial hydrogen refuelling station, opened in 2003
  • There is a growing fleet of hydrogen passenger cars as well as busses and cars running on locally produced biogas
  • The import of ethanol cars and E85 fuel has begun and a Toyota Prius hybrid is being converted to a plug-in hybrid in September
  • This first plug-in hybrid in the country will be able to run over 100 kilometres on electricity alone
  • Icelandair head office and all Icelandair Hotel properties are run on renewable resources
  • Realised it had no coal and oil so decided to concentrate on renewable energy
  • Barbara Boxer, US Senator & Chairperson of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently visited Iceland to learn more about renewable energy

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