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F1 designer goes eco

Damon Hill Gordon MurrayHow many people from the world of Formula 1 can you name? Greenbang is guessing Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and possibly Max Moseley (now) feature in the list. Aside from these it will probably be rare that you’ll know many engineers.

Gordon Murray designed the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 which won 15 of the 16 races and the McLaren F1 roadcar. He is one of very few engineers to make a name for himself outside of the paddocks and, as of this month, will be applying his expertise to the eco car market.

The T.25, his first project, will be a city car priced around the £5k mark.  According to Greentech the first versions of the car will run on either gas or diesel and get about 60 mpg.  The key to the car’s green credentials is its lightweight design.

According to the release:

This vehicle concept will be the first of its type which concentrates on Full Lifecycle damage rather than just running damage. It also addresses congestion and parking issues alongside manufacturing, running and recycling damage.

A practical business mind is also being used for the design:

For a small car to be commercially successful it must achieve four things:

  • It must be less costly to buy and run than other cars
  • It must be “cool”, something to be seen in such as the original Mini, the Fiat Cinquecento and the Smart
  • The Car must be proven to be as safe as a small hatchback
  • It should not be daunting to drive in traffic

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