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Europe: VCs’ clean tech star

leaf2.jpgMirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best* at clean tech of them all? Why, it’s little old Europe, says a survey by Deloitte and the National Venture Capital Association.

And the survey goes like this:

According to venture capitalists, Europe is emerging as a new leader behind the U.S. for life sciences and clean technology sectors. Germany and the United Kingdom in particular are quickly gaining recognition for their technological savvy in these fast growing industries.

Germany was recognized by 43 percent of all respondents as having the best expertise in the rapidly growing clean technology field, just behind the United States. Other countries to receive attention in this industry included Japan and Brazil.

“Germany is the beneficiary of a well conceived, stable public policy that has ensured attractive markets for alternative energy technologies. This combined with a strong general technology base, has fostered substantial innovation in the space,” said David Prend, partner, Rockport Capital. “As a result, for example, Germany, a country with marginal sun, is a leader in solar photovoltaic technology that they export to the rest of the world. Venture capital follows quality technology and innovation.”

*best behind the US naturally. The survey says: “Venture capitalists from around the world view the United States as having the best technology in all sectors surveyed.”

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