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EU to mandate carbon capture from 2025?

carbon.jpgGreenbang isn’t sure about the whole carbon capture thing. Not the technology of it, more the concept behind the whole thing. It’s a bit like when, as a kid, your mum asked you to clean your room and so you’d push all the mess under your bed where she wouldn’t notice it. Both aren’t really about cleaning up, more just displacing the mess for a bit.

According to Reuters, the EU is considering mandating carbon capture on fossil fuel power stations and will be discussing such a plan today.

Reuters says the European Union wants to get 12 pilot plants going by 2015 and then bring in a bit of regulation to get people onside.

Chris Davies, is the man MEP responsible for shepherding CCS legislation through the European Parliament and he told Reuters he’d like to see carbon capture tech put on power plants from 2025.

Davies is somewhat chirpy about how the power industry will take to the impending legislation.

He told Reuters:

“I found strong support from industry, and had one power plant manufacturer and one power generator saying it’s do-able.”

“But there’s a number of details to be resolved and the goal is dependent on getting the pilot projects up and running.”

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