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EST points the finger at carbon-munching baddies

energybulb1.JPGThose living in South Buckinghamshire, the Orkney Islands, Powys and County Down should slap themselves on the wrist, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

The independent body, which was set up by the Government, has listed council-by-council which households are the biggest carbon wasters.

It doesn’t make good reading for people living in Stoke Poges, Gerrard’s Cross and Denham. But then again, when you live in Stoke Poges, Gerrard’s Cross or Denham, little does.

And the news gets worse. The EST will now target those householders with ‘information and advice to help them cut home energy consumption, related to the type of property they live in and their individual needs’. So you better sort it out.

Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said:

‘This latest Green Barometer report isn’t about singling out local authorities, as each area is unique and has its own challenges and opportunities. We provide help and advice to local authorities and we can now work with them to offer much more tailored energy advice. This wealth of information at our fingertips means householders are more likely to receive the information they need, to act to curb their carbon emissions.

‘Following the Comprehensive Spending Review, some local authorities’ overall budgets have been cut. What impact will this have on their household energy efficiency work? One thing’s for sure, a targeted, localised approach is critical for reducing household carbon emissions.’

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