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ersol Thin Film gets private equity, new partner

clingfilm.jpgGreenbang was on the hunt for an image to illustrate a story about thin film. Funnily enough, she couldn’t find one and had to settle for this rather beautiful pic of cling film. Near enough.Talking of near enough, do you think the name ersol is near enough to something else to be a little unfortunate?But back to the news – ersol Thin Film has secured a €48 million investment from Ventizz Capital Fund for a minority stake in the thin film business. Says ersol:

The cash inflow shall be employed for investments in further growth and the company’s technology development. The ersol subsidiary produces amorphous silicon thin-film modules. It is planning to supplement its existing production with further capacity expansion of the groundbreaking micromorphous thin-film technology.

And ersol has also paired up with Schott Solar for some joint development action.

The two companies will be combining their resources in the area of research and development with the aim of achieving faster product maturity.


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