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E.ON US passes 1,000-megawatt threshold

cleantech-wind-powerE.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) North America has crossed the 1,000-megawatt threshold for wind farms in the United States.

“Surpassing the 1,000-megawatt threshold is proof that EC&R has the expertise and financial strength to meet the nation’s growing demand for renewable energy,” said Declan Flanagan, chief executive officer for EC&R North America.

The organisation currently has 1,134 megawatts of wind-energy capacity at wind farms at five US locations, four in Texas and one in New York. It also recently began construction on new facilities in Texas and Pennsylvania, and expects to complete the “world’s largest wind farm” — a 781.5-megawatt installation in Roscoe, Texas — by the middle of this year.

“EC&R is committed to the ongoing development of wind projects in markets throughout the United States,” said Patrick Woodson, chief development officer, EC&R North America.

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