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E.ON calls for carbon capture and storage incentives

coalUK energy firm E.ON is calling for the government to provide strong incentives to help businesses develop carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

If such incentives are put in place, E.ON officials say, the company will commit to installing CCS technology on its proposed coal plants at the Kingsnorth power station.

“We are very supportive of the Government’s decision to consult on this important issue and are urging them to come forward with the right policy that will allow companies like E.ON to develop critical CCS technology,” said Paul Golby, E.ON’s UK chief executive. “We hope that this consultation will lead to an effective fossil fuel policy that removes the existing financial penalty for deploying CCS.”

E.ON this week also announced that it’s begun field work to identify potential carbon dioxide pipeline routes in Kent. The work aims to find the best locations for pipelines that could eventually carry captured carbon dioxide from Kingsnorth to gas fields in the North Sea for storage.

“This is an important step in developing the options for CCS development at Kingsnorth and, subject to us achieving a positive decision on our planning application, is another indication of E.ON’s commitment to completing the development of CCS,” Golby said.

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