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Environment Agency to build 80 wind turbines

The Environment Agency (EA) is planning to build up to 80 wind turbines across the UK as part of proposals to generate its own renewable energy.

The EA says the proposals will generate around 200MW of renewable energy – enough to power 90,000 households and save 200,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

And there’s more. The EA says the turbines will generate up to £2.4m of revenue each year, which will be ploughed back into protecting and improving the environment.

Dr Paul Leinster, CEO of the Environment Agency, said:

“We will also be reviewing possibilities of using land we own to develop opportunities to generate renewable energy for the national grid. It is fitting that the Environment Agency is taking a leading role in the public sector development of renewables.”

The EA will be working with Partnerships for Renewables, a company created by the Carbon Trust to develop and operate renewable energy projects for the public sector. Partnerships for Renewables will cover the costs of the development process.

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