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Enphase picks up $6.5 million for solar management


Solar panels can be quite difficult to manage can’t they? It’s always “bring me a sandwich” or “I want to play Playstation” or “I want to go to school dressed as superman”. No wonder solar panel management company Enphase has picked up $6.5 million in funding.

Enphase picked up the funding, which was led by Third Point Ventures, on the back of its micro-inverter technology which is in beta testing and should be out in the wild in the second quarter of this year.

The Enphase system represents a paradigm shift in the solar market from central/string inverter-based systems to distributed Micro-Inverter-based systems. Enphase systems increase energy harvest, increase system reliability, and simplify design, installation and management.

“Enphase Energy’s system harvests more solar energy and provides better management of solar panels than anything we’ve seen, which means better return on investment for its customers,” said Robert Schwartz, Managing Director of Third Point Ventures. “This compelling value proposition, along with the management team’s strength in semiconductors, software and solar, has made us very bullish on the prospects.”

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