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EnerTech makes $42m from slurry


Thar’s gold in them thar slurry, if EnerTech’s example is anything to go by. The renewable energy firm has joined the happy club of those announcing funding this week, getting its hands on $42 million from nine investors, led by Citi’s Sustainable Development Investments unit and Masdar Clean Tech Fund.

With that booty, EnerTech plans to “develop multiple renewable energy facilities using its proprietary SlurryCarb technology”. SlurryCarb, for the curious (and remember what happened to that curious cat), “produces a renewable fuel from biosolids and other high-moisture wastes” including human poo.

Green poo is obviously in vogue, as the company also reveals:

Earlier this year EnerTech announced the completion of a $160 million financing for its first commercial SlurryCarb facility in Rialto, California. The financing marked the start of construction for the facility, which will convert 683 tons per day of biosolids from five municipalities into renewable energy. The additional corporate investment complements the first round investment by Paperboy Ventures

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