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Energy and mining firms in carbon capture deal

So that was summer on Saturday, hope you enjoyed it and welcome to September. Greenbang spotted this carbon capture storage announcement on the wires this lovely Monday morning.

Nordic Mining and Norwegion oil and gas company StatoilHydro have entered into a deal for the development of new technology for capture of CO2 in minerals.

The Nordic twosome have agreed a joint programme to develop and test the use use of CO2 in the processing of various minerals, which they say will increase the value of the extracted minerals and may contribute to reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere, something that could lead to nnew commercial mineral products emerging from the technology development.

Other details are sketchy and there’s no mention of how much will be invested in this but the companies also plan to explore the possibilities of CO2 capture.

Initially, the scope of work includes testing and development based on Nordic Mining’s anorthosite deposit in Gudvangen in the Sogn and Fjordane county.

Says Nordic Mining CEO Ivar S Fossum:

“Recent development reveals great potential in utilising CO2 as an active ingredient in mineral processing. This creates exciting opportunities for Norway with substantial mineral resources and CO2 available.”

Brage W Johansen of StatoilHydro New Energy added in the press release:

“The agreement is a part of our focus and initiatives related to new alternatives for carbon capture from energy production. A main goal in the project is to transfer CO2 from waste to a valuable product.”

(Photo credit: StatoilHydro)

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