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Electric car batteries put on a diet


Kate Moss eh? Bit of a chubber, you reckon? If you’re one of those folk that think models could do with losing a bit of weight, you’re probably in the minority. Unless you’re German and thinking of models of electric car.

News out of a German firm, Li-Tec, has come up with a lithium ion battery membrane for electric cars that it reckons can save 30 percent in volume and allow you to go three times further for the same weight than other models.

Channel News Asia reveals all:

A spokesman for the German tool and auto parts company Bosch said: “It’s a step towards totally electric cars.”

Housed in a stylish rectangular silver pouch, the “Separion” consists of two lithium electrodes in an electrolyte, or liquid conductor.

What differentiates it from similar batteries is that the electrodes are separated by a flexible ceramic membrane that provides greater thermal stability, according to the German group.

Electric car batteries put on a diet – The Global View

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