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Electrabel, E.ON Kraftwerke and Hitachi try to cure flue

burn.jpgElectrabel, E.ON Kraftwerke and Hitachi have decided three is not in fact a crowd, it’s the magic number for getting your head down and solving a case of bad flue.

The threesome have teamed up on a carbon capture project that will “design, build and operate a test facility to investigate the behaviour of different solvents in the process for CO2 capture from flue gases” and see how they work on a genuine flue, processing 5,000 Nm³/h.

In a move that inexplicably reminds Greenbang of the Wheelies in Chorlton and the Wheelies, the threesome said the test site “can move to locations in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium or other European countries whatever is technically most interesting”.

Electrabel and E.ON will provide the power plant sites, Hitachi will design, set up and build the test facility and supply staff.

And there’s more:

The relatively large scale of the test installation will deliver reliable data as to allow scale-up.

In order to reconcile competitiveness, security of energy supply and the fight against climate change, the utilities Electrabel and E.ON Kraftwerke are basing their strategy on a diversification of energy sources and sustainable and flexible solutions.

Electrabel and E.ON Kraftwerke want to maintain also in future a high fuel flexibility that currently characterizes its electric power plants.

In this framework, they are interested in building knowledge and hands-on experience in Post Combustion Capture, to improve this process and prepare for possible subsequent scale-up for Post Combustion Capture on new to build or existing plants.

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