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Eight hours later…

It was a bloody busy day. Met the deadlines and the people and am now back in the office ready for a big old session at the Greenbang.

Had a huge journo lunch with Ben Hunt – the editor who gave me my first break at the FT a couple of years ago. He’s now working in PR for a number of green companies – more on that later.

Also had a fascinating conversation with Michel van Hove, who looks at innovation and sustainability for a company called Innovaro.

His work led him to find that a high proportion of companies that lead in their field and plough heavy resources into innovation are also the ones looking most seriously at sustainability. There was a clear correlation, perhaps because they tend to have a culture of being forward-looking in their business strategy and have the luxury of being able to afford to do so…

It’s true you don’t hear about many mid-sized companies doing green stuff, but I still maintain there is a ton of PR behind those that you do hear about. The question is, is that innovation and culture change or is it just a nice little green angle?

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