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EcoSecurities – what they think of us…

EcoSecurities is a carbon trading company.

They’ve already admitted they don’t want to speak to Greenbang.

Well maybe that tells you something about carbon traders.

And yet they’re quite happy for Greenbang to give them coverage – they still send through press releases.

We’ll publish it – that sort of talk thing doesn’t put us off. But we’ll also publish the whole story behind their attitude to us.

And if EcoSecurities is not into us, Greenbang’s not really into them.

Here’s their poxy release:

A unique selection of international representatives from the worlds of politics, science, business and industry are set to meet at an exclusive summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 19-20 September, to discuss the future of climate change mitigation, fifteen years after the Rio Earth Summit.

This invitation-only event, named the Rio + 15 Initiative, will be hosted by EcoSecurities, and attended by around 100 leading figures, including government representatives, participants from some of the largest corporations in the world and environmental organisations, brought together to discuss the lessons learnt after ten years of Kyoto, and form an action plan of recommendations for the future of international climate change mitigation efforts.

Alongside keynote speeches and messages from high profile figures, including Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former President of Brazil, participants will engage in a series of interactive discussions on a wide range of climate change related questions, including:

What does the future hold for global emission reduction efforts?
* Is Kyoto achieving emission reductions on an expected scale?
* What is needed to embark on large scale change in the industrial sector?
* Are we likely to see a wider range of countries adopting emission
reduction targets?
* How will standards develop in the voluntary market?
* What is needed to mobilise the large capital pools required for a
large-scale transformation of the international energy matrix?

The Rio + 15 Initiative has been designed to bring together individuals who are committed to developing action oriented solutions to climate change, in direct response to an ever increasing need and demand for opening dialogue on climate change policy to a wider audience. EcoSecurities has formed a series of special Rio+15 Initiative partner organisations to help them achieve this ­ including the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), the Ondazul Foundation (a non-governmental and
non-profit organisation whose main goal is to promote and participate in initiatives aimed at encouraging sustainable use of Brazil¹s water resources), the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) and the Brazilian National Forum for Climate Changes (FNMC).

Mr. Cardoso, who will address the opening session of the event, said, ³I¹m delighted to be involved in such forward-looking event, which once again brings Brazil to the forefront of action against climate change. After fifteen years of great change, it is now time to review progress and plan
for the future.²

During this two-day summit, the Rio + 15 Declaration will be compiled – a document summarising the summit¹s discussions on the future of climate change mitigation. The Rio + 15 Declaration will then be presented in a side-event to the UN Conference of Parties 2007 in Bali, Indonesia, in December, where key policy makers will be engaged in the first major meeting to frame the post-Kyoto era.

Pedro Moura Costa, President and COO of EcoSecurities, believes that, ³Achieving substantial reductions in global emissions requires a concerted international effort involving governments and corporations acting under international treaties, as well as independent action by businesses and individuals prepared to take responsibility for their own GHG emissions footprint. We hope that by gathering a unique selection of global leaders and facilitating vital discussions between different sectors, the Rio+15
Initiative will encourage increased input from all aspects of society and industry on the issue of climate change mitigation.²

This unique event will be followed by a fantastic music concert on the evening of the 20 September, held atop Sugar Loaf Mountain and headlined by Gilberto Gil, Brazil¹s Minister for Culture and acclaimed popular musician, alongside performances from other leading Brazilian artists.

The Rio+15 Initiative is a non-profit, carbon neutral event.

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