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Ecology & Environment Inc reduce 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions

passengers.jpgUS environmental specialists ‘Energy & Environment Inc‘ have secured contracts with major businesses to develop a customised version of GreenRide – a car pool scheme which tracks the resulting environmental energy savings.

GreenRide was selected for implementation by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the second-largest computer chip manufacturer in the world. AMD is using GreenRide® for their commuter program as part of their organization-wide “Go Green” climate action initiative.

Over the past year, E & E has signed up a large number of new customers to offer rideshare services to a multinational population of more than 30 million, and resulting in a yearly emission savings of more than 25,000 tons of CO2. The system is now used in 16 states, Canada, and New Zealand. New features such as text-message/phone-based matching, event-matching, dynamic surveys, guaranteed-ride-home, vanpool matching and management, streamlined incentive management, and on-line fulfillment are extending GreenRide’s state-of-the-art offering.

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