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Eco-pornography – it’s dirty

green.jpgThis came through to a Greenbanger from Bite Communications. It says that Green-washing is ‘eco-pornography’ – the saucy-sounding moniker for environmental marketing campaigns that don’t tell the truth or blind consumers with jargon.

Quite frankly Greenbang thinks it’s using the word ‘pornography’ to pull a few eyes to a story that doesn’t exist.

But you make your mind up…

The SustainIT report predicts 2008 to be a tough year for consumer-IT companies because of ‘green washing’.

Green-washing is on the rise from technology companies as their environmental marketing campaigns are found to be confusing and unbelievable.

More than a third of UK consumers don’t think technology companies ‘Walk the Talk’ when it comes to the environment, and as many as 36 per cent of them get confused by the sheer volume of environmental messages from these companies.

Highlighting this fact, the research found that over 80 per cent of the top 40 global technology consumer brands are using activities like carbon offsetting in their UK communications as a central part of environmental initiatives.

The report found that just under half of consumers (49 per cent) have little or no understanding of what carbon offsetting actually is and over half of consumers (58 per cent) see it as having little or no influence when purchasing products. Again 44 per cent of consumers have little or no understanding of the term carbon neutral (used by many companies including Sky).

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