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Eco pedals – change driving, cut footprint

You’ll have probably, by now, read my rant at the expense of Caddy’s hydrogen 4×4. If not, then now’s your chance to do so. Are you back with me? Sitting comfortably? Good, I’ll begin.

As you’ll have read, there is a need to look beyond more than just the fuel source. Aerodynamics and weight are vital to a car’s green credentials. The Lotus Eco Elise’s solar roof, gear changing guide and locally sourced materials are all a step in the right direction.

And, so is this. Nissan has developed an eco-pedal. The accelerator pedal will detect excess pressure and poor fuel efficiency.

Reuters has reported that Japan’s number three car manufacturer will install the eco pedal in its cars from next year. Nissan hasn’t said which models, however.

From Reuters:

“Internal research showed that the system, which comes with real-time fuel consumption levels displayed in the instrument panel, could improve fuel efficiency by 5-10 per cent depending on driving conditions.”

Top Gear recently highlighted that a BMW M3 is more fuel efficient than a Toyota Prius whilst racing around a track and highlighted that driving style was one of the best ways to improve fuel efficiency. If this eco pedal does indeed alter driving style to the suggested levels I am very impressed.

It should also be said that Nissan has also promised to equip all new cars with a fuel consumption indicator – a green /amber light that alerts a driver to when too much fuel is being used.

Eco pedals – change driving, cut footprint – The Global View

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